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MEP Engineering

You can count on us to deliver high level of quality in our delivery of HVAC, electrical and plumbing services to your project. Other ancillary services are covered by us which include but are not limited to fire alarm and firefighting, CCTV camera installations and building management systems installation. All these services ensure a comfortable usage of the facility which is an important indicator.

Industrial Infrastructure

We provide engineering solutions for large scale turn-key industrial projects which mostly adopt the use of steel as their primary building material. We have expertise in steelworks ranging from varying scales of roof truss design and construction to superstructure framing and cladding. We also understand the role of reinforced concrete in such structures and ensure a functional marriage between the two to achieve such complex project deliverables.

Material Supply

A key component of building project delivery is materials supply. Our strategic contacts and partnerships with both local and international suppliers have been a major factor in the timely delivery of our projects. We procure materials in conformance to project materials specifications and ensure high quality as well as timely arrivals. Greater efficiency with our supply chain.

Commercial Buildings

Our team is ever ready to undertake challenging turn-key commercial building projects of varying sizes and scales. These include but are not limited to the construction of office complexes, manufacturing plants, medical centers, retail shopping centers. Such private and government projects involve providing engineering solutions from the ground up and we are poised to offer our reliable, experienced and knowledgeable team to meet investors’ and developers’ requirements.

Civil Engineering

We offer professional services that span the planning and construction of turn-key commercial and industrial infrastructure such as medical centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses and office complexes. Our team of well-resourced, knowledgeable and experienced professionals is committed to ensure practical solutions are provided to ensure project success.

Building Consultancy

Challenging construction projects require deep industry knowledge as well as practical experience in order to undertake them in a professional manner. We are adequately equipped to provide consultancy services to our clients in the design and construction phases while ensuring that all important aspects of the building process are well co-ordinated. We also ensure that the expectations of all important stakeholders are managed well to ensure progress at all stages of the building project.

Site Development

Our expertise covers the necessary construction, alteration and improvement of the ground to facilitate a functional environment for construction and functional use of building projects. We have experience in land surveying, site excavations, overlot and grading, underground electricity and gas utility installations, drainage, concrete curbing and paving, roads, sidewalks, handicapped ramps and varieties of asphalt paving. We provide professional and quality site work services to meet our client-specific needs.

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